Looking for Alaska Book Review

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Readers will instantaneously succumb to the captivating, unprecedented tale, Looking For Alaska, by the modern day artistic mastermind, John Green. He continuously pioneers novels, full of universally recognized experiences of anguish and elation. 
Readers are introduced to the wan, introverted seventeen year-old, Miles Halter, who abandons his residency in Florida, to attend the private boarding school, Culver Creek, in Alabama. Shortly after his inhabitance at the Creek, Miles is disclosed to two intriguingly dynamic, arresting personalities; Colonel, his stocky, recalcitrant roommate, and Alaska, the elusive, smoldering, impassioned, siren. The three form an unassailable friendship, unveiling a subversive world of their own, comprised of rash, defiant behaviors whose initial indelible high, transform rapidly into devastating incorrigible consequences, that change Miles’ evaluation of the significance and meaning of life. 
This book will have readers questioning if those unforgettable personalities who continuously beckon those vulnerable, captivated, and consumed by their intoxicating calls, all a grand façade of cries for help, always conclude as unavoidable tragic fates.
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