Spring Cleaning

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Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal. Flowers start to bloom, the grass turns green, and   people take advantage of this season as a fresh start. Spring cleaning is one of the most popular activities to do in the spring. Most people think this would be boring, but really there are many exciting activities people can do! When asked what she thinks about spring cleaning, Mikayla Tolen (’16) said, “Spring cleaning is such an excellent opportunity for me to get rid of all the junk that builds up during the year. Plus, there are lots of spring sales and I love getting new clothes from all the new trends. It’s so relieving and a reminder that summer is close!”

Lots of girls enjoy giving their rooms a nice clean and organizational makeover. Why not do it now! It’s spring remember? Here is a list of a few quick DIYs any person’s room would appreciate:

1. Create a school supplies bin to keep pens, pencils, markers, etc. organized. (This box could also be used for makeup organization.)

– Glue some bare toilet paper rolls, standing up, to the bottom of a shoe box lid (or any box lid depending on how big the organizer will be).

– Decorate the toilet paper rolls with patterned paper or just draw designs on them.

– Ta Da! Now fill the toilet paper rolls with school supplies! (This could also be used for makeup organization.)


2. Everyone has a mess of things under their bed, right? For this DIY, all a person needs is an empty drawer and some small wheels (preferably the kind on a spinning desk chair).

-First, remove all of the dirty laundry, missing jewelry, etc. from under the  bed.

-Next, grab a Swifter or vacuum to capture all of the dirt and dust underneath the  bed.

-Take the empty drawers and paint them any color!

-Assemble the wheels onto each of the four corners of the drawer.

-Organize any miscellaneous items and put them into the drawer(s).

-Finally, slide them under the bed for storage!


3. Every one has thousands of pictures just laying around in piles or randomly around their room. This DIY is sure to help organize them!

-First, gather all pictures from around the room.

-Second, cut a piece of ribbon, yarn, or sting of any kind. (When cutting the string, be mindful of how many pictures there are.)

-Third, attach one end of the string to an empty place on the wall (preferably near a corner) and the other end opposite it.

-Gather miniature, wooden clothing pins and hang the pictures up on the string by attaching the pictures to the string with the clothing pins.


The purpose of spring cleaning does not just have to be about getting rid of old and useless things; it can also be a time for organization and style! With all of these great DIYs, in addition to giving their bedroom a makeover, people will love the way they feel after it’s done! So why not start this spring off right? A spring cleaning is the best way to do it!

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