Soph Hop!

Kate Derewicz, Staff Writer

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Merion Mercy’s annual Soph Hop was hugely successful this year! Despite the rain, the attendance of the freshmen and sophomores was large, contributing to the liveliness of the event. Merion’s faculty volunteers worked tirelessly to put the beautiful carnival-themed decorations into place in addition to their chaperoning during the dance. Kelsey Mullen (’16) said, “I enjoyed the theme and thought it was really creative. I had a really great time dancing with my friends and enjoying our last Soph Hop.”

Between the food, decorations, and music, each girl truly had an enjoyable time. Sophomore Catie Perlick (’16) explains, “Soph hop was a really fun time! The freshmen and sophomores bonded over the radical music and excellent dancing!” The music ranged from popular songs to throwbacks; therefore, there was something for people with all different music tastes to enjoy. This was exemplified by the crowded gymnasium. The snacks and water in the cafeteria, however, were also appreciated.

Merion’s freshmen and sophomores will look back on Soph Hop fondly and are grateful for the opportunity to have fun and make lasting memories with their friends. Thanks to the hard work of all of the volunteers and students who made the event a success, the freshmen and sophomores’ first (or last) Soph Hop was certainly one to remember!

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