Spring Break 2014

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While many people vacation over spring break, some stay local. Spring break can be enjoyable for anyone; and travel isn’t the only thing that can make it fun. Personally, this spring break, I did not travel…not very far at least. My spring break consisted of a trip to the city, a Phillies game, family time down the shore, and a very relaxing movie day. Even though spending time in Philadelphia is not considered traveling very far, there is always something interesting to see. I enjoyed spending time with friends over break, but as always, I had to balance time with friends and family. A simple family trip to the shore consisted of countless number of silly games, walks to the beach in pajamas, and fine dining on the jetties in Avalon.

Some of our other classmates traveled further, out of state and even out of the country. Elizabeth McMonagle, class of 2016, took a family day trip to Baltimore. There she and her family visited the aquarium where they saw an array of different sea animals, some she claims she did not know existed. “It was a beautiful day to spend on the harbor watching all the sea animals. My favorite part was seeing the dolphins jump in and out of the water, and watching them do their tricks,” Elizabeth said. In addition to Elizabeth’s out of state trip, many other students traveled out of country. Bern, (’16), said, “My favorite part of going to Paris was seeing the Eiffel Tower and then climbing to the top of it! They also had really great food, especially their crepes, croissants, and quiche.”

Although traveling is very exciting, spring break is a time to also relax, hence the word “break.” Something very relaxing, and commonly done, over spring break was catching up on missed TV episodes. Morgan Dougherty (’16) said, “Spring break was the perfect opportunity for me to watch countless episodes of Teen Wolf without having to worry about getting up the next day for school. It was great!” Similar to Morgan, my friend and I took a day just to relax and I did absolutely nothing other than switch movies in and out of the DVD player. I watched my favorite series, The Fast and Furious, probably for the fourth time while educating her about real action and true comedy.

Although too short, spring break was well spent. Whether it was spent traveling with family or friends, local or out of country, or spending countless hours doing nothing, spring break was an exciting, relaxing time for all.

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