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Travel with Mercy Girl

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This semester Merion Mercy’s student council has created a new idea to go along with this year’s school theme, “Travel with Mercy”. This month they introduced the official “Travel with Mercy Girl”. “The figures are supposed to represent a flat stanley, in a way,” says Room 121’s grade room representative, Olivia Anderson (’16). Each grade room has been given a list of special places, both within and outside of Merion, and the challenge is to visit as many of these places as possible and take pictures. Olivia says, “The list is meant to be fulfilled, and every place has to do with Merion.”

The long list includes many different places, such as Merion sporting events, dances, and even England, a special shout-out to the girls going on the London-Paris trip. All of these places can be visited, and at the end of the year the grade room with the most places visited with the “Travel with Mercy Girl” will receive a special surprise award. The challenge goes until the end of the semester, so start traveling with Mercy Girl today!


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