Welcome to the Art Room


For those Merion students who are not Art Majors, chances are they have not even seen the inside of the art room. To many, the art room is just simply that. A room in which art hangs, and students let their creative juices flow. So for those students who haven’t seen the art room, or know what goes down in that mystery room, here’s a glimpse of what happens!

The bell rings, and a small class of 6 or 10 enters. They have a short discussion of their progress, and due dates. Each student gets their supplies out of the class closet or shelves, depending on class level, and get down to it. The projects can range from plaster to simple graphite. But one thing is for sure: there is never a dull moment or project with Mrs. Boyd. Once each student has found their supplies, the girls have 30 minutes to get as much done as they can.

Stepping into the art room is like stepping into a different world at MMA, a place where students can watch their ideas come to life and express themselves in ways they could never have even imagined. Mrs. Boyd makes sure to create an atmosphere where her students are free to express themselves in any ways they may choose. If any students ever wants to consider picking up an art class or catching a glimpse at the wonders inside, don’t hesitate to stop by!