A Glance at Ministry

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Merion’s Ministry Team has been hard at work this year collaborating behind the scenes to pull together all the beautiful masses, prayer services and retreats that always prove vital in nourishing and growing the spiritual community of the school. While serving the school community has always been the main priority of the Ministry Team, the team has made a collective decision this year to use their talents and abilities to focus on serving the surrounding community as well. Each Ministry Home Group received a “service binder” at the beginning of the year, in which both the moderators and members of the Home Group are encouraged to record the service they do both inside and outside of school. To go along with this re-imagined focal point, the Ministry Team has even begun to participate in community service together.

Back in November, a monthly meeting of all home groups was replaced with a service outing to the Philly Marathon, in which the girls and teachers volunteered for Clothes-Pin, an organization started by Merion’s very own junior, Madi Resnic (’16). Here, volunteers picked up clothes left behind by runners, and put them into bags, which would later be given to homeless people living in Philly. When the Ministry Team is not out doing service however, they can be found all over school, whether it be planning a retreat in the Ministry Office or leading prayer in the school chapel. Need a helping hand, advice, a couch for a power nap on or a leftover Kairos snack to get through the day? Make sure to stop by the Ministry office!

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