Performing Arts


Each year, every performer at Merion Mercy anxiously awaits the Performing Arts Festival. Not only is it a wonderful evening of music and admiration for the arts, but it is the perfect opportunity for Merion girls to shine in front of their friends and family! The Performing Arts Festival features all of Merion’s vocal groups, such as the Glee Club, Chorale, and the a cappella group, as well as performances from the instrumental ensemble. The dance troupe, run by Mrs. McClennen, also performed two numbers. One of the things that makes the Performing Arts Festival so special is the fact that it features Merion’s students as vocal, instrumental and dance soloists. Each year, dozens of girls audition for the chance to perform at the big show.

This year, the festival had a wonderful array of talented student performers. Diana Striplet (’16) started off the show with a beautiful performance of “Caro Mio Ben” in Italian, followed by Maddie Larkin (’18) singing “Meadow Lark”. Kristina Leuzzi ’15 performed “The Feels”, a song that she wrote and composed herself. Emmalee Graham (’16) played a piece on the piano, and Catherine Maurer (’15) performed a violin piece accompanied by her mother on the piano.

Representing the dancers were students Mary Kate Magee (’15), who performed ballet, and Sara Figeuroa (’15) and Jamilah Jones (’15), who danced a lyrical duet. These are just a fraction of the amazing student performers that graced the stage on Wednesday, April 15th. Mixed between the student soloists were the group performances. Glee Club started the show with a fun, up-beat performance of “Jet-Set” from Catch Me If You Can. Chorale sang a piece entirely in French, and the a cappella group sang and danced “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. The orchestral ensemble also performed three numbers, one of which was a collection of the music from Disney’s “Brave”.

This year, the Performing Arts Festival was overflowing with talented performers. There was a great turn out, as well as strong support from faculty and students alike! Congratulations to all of the performers on a wonderful, very successful night.