Science Honor Society Induction

“Fortunate is the one who understands the cause of things.” This adage of famed Roman poet Vergil applies to the Merion Mercy students who were inducted into Science National Honors Society last Thursday, April 30. New sophomores, juniors and seniors who met the requirement of a 3.7 science GPA and overall GPA of 3.5 were invited to attend this induction, which coincided with the Science Fair awards ceremony. At this ceremony, new and old members alike agreed to commit to the advocacy and pursuit of science in relations with their classmates, school, careers, community and other disciplines.

As for the key note speaker that characterizes all honor induction affairs, father of junior and newly inducted member, Amelia Piccone, gave a fascinating speech on the work he does as a scientist at IMB. In the world today, it is truly amazing how far science has taken mankind, yet there is still much that is unknown; it is up to young women, such as these ones and all others who share the same passion for scientific intellectual curiosity, to take the world even further.