Environmental Zoo Trip

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This April, Merion’s environmental science classes expanded their learning horizons by visiting the Philadelphia Zoo to study a variety of animals for a semester project. The project required each student to study a specific animal’s behavior and habitat. The zoo trip was intended to give the students an opportunity to observe their animal as well as learn about many other animals. In addition to observing the animal each student chose for the project, the students also received a guided tour of some of the zoo’s most popular exhibits, such as the big cats, the amphibians, small mammals, and the orangutan house.

The tour guide not only informed the students about the animals, but also about how the zoo operates and how they take environmental precautions.Taylor McClain (’16) said, “I really enjoyed learning about the zoo’s efforts to minimize their negative impact on the environment whether it was by protecting endangered animals or using environmentally-friendly spoons.” The trip was an informative experience for all, as Kelsey Mullen (’16) explains: “I enjoyed seeing the zoo from a different perspective because I haven’t been there since I was about seven.” The combination of the guided tour and the independent study of each animal allowed for an enjoyable and educational day at the zoo!

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