What Art Means to MMA


Being an art major takes a lot more than just completing weekly art assignments. It’s about expressing what cannot be expressed through words alone, or communicating with those who might see the world in a much different light. Here, some current art majors explain what the study of art means to them.

  • Brianna Giarraputo (’16): “I love being an art major because it helps me integrate my creativity into my school life.”
  • Kristin LaMonaca (’16): “I love being an art major because it allows me to create something out of nothing.”
  • Julia Leodori (’16): “You can be yourself, and there’s no objective right or wrong.”
  • Alyssa Pizzi (’16): “Being an art major taught me to think creatively and to see the world in a different view.”
  • Danni Rizzo (’16): “I’ll always be grateful to be an art major because it helps me be unique.”

All of these girls come from different backgrounds, with different stories. Although they may have different reasons for studying it, the students have one major thing in common: their love for art.