Language Honor Society Induction

On April 21st, Merion Mercy Academy inducted several new members into its three language honor societies. Sophomore and junior students who have excelled in their studies of either the French, Latin, or Spanish languages during their time at Merion were invited to join the societies and make their pledges. Returning junior and senior members who kept their work up to honor society standards were able to renew their membership.

Being a member of a language honor society requires a mastery of the study of a specific language and culture, and many students choose to participate in the Latin, French, and Spanish clubs to continue their passion for the subject. The night included two student presentations that described the details of two different school-sponsored trips. Madeleine Procopio (’15) and Dierdre McCloskey (’15) described their French adventures during the London-Paris trip during this past spring break. Erica Murphy (’15) later discussed her favorite moments of the Italy trip, offered to rising seniors during each summer. While these trips did not require its trip-goers to study either French or Latin, all three student presenters agreed that their study of the language and its culture enhanced their trips and gave them connections between their experiences and their in-class lessons.

After receiving special pins and certificates, a guest speaker was invited to talk about the importance of studying languages and familiarizing oneself with other cultures. Finally, the night concluded with a performance of the school song as all of the students sang together. Overall, the night was an amazing celebration of language and culture. Congratulations to all of the newly inducted and returning members of the language honor societies!