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Hamilton Soundtrack Review

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Hamilton, a Taxonomy

Looking for new songs on iTunes?  Below, learn more about the songs found on the soundtrack of the famous musical, Hamilton.

Songs That Make You Want to Change The World

 Alexander Hamilton

The anthem of a man that changed the world, why shouldn’t it be your anthem too?

Cabinet Battle #1

A rap battle about the national deficit, where founding fathers throw shade at each other. It might be the coolest song ever and kinda counts as studying.

My Shot

This song brings a whole new level to working hard and proving yourself. The next time you feel like watching Netflix instead of doing work, give My Shot a listen and you wont.  It will actually make you want to study and do well in school.

Songs for belting out in the car

One Last Time

A song sung by Christopher Jackson (George Washington) that will make everyone want to be a sage and historic president. I never thought that I would ever want to be like George Washington but, alas, here we are.

Dear Theodosia

This song will make you cry and want to be a parent at the same time. It captures some of the smoothest and most melodic moments of the entire musical.

Aaron Burr, Sir

How many words rhyme with Burr? More than you thought was possible. This song is more about coming face to face with a person you admire that wasn’t everything you expected them to be.

The Story of Tonight

Think of an Adele song sung by Founding Fathers and you’ve got The Story of Tonight. 

Songs for Starting Your Own Revolution 

Guns and Ships

Lafayette, a strategic war hero, raps 19 words per minute. Imagine all the knowledge that you could absorb in the songs 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

Right Hand Man

A five minute song that gives context to how Hamilton became Washington’s right hand and started his rise to an American legacy.

Love Songs That Make You Actually Want to Fall in Love


The song you sing in the shower when he texts you first. nuff’ said.

The Schyler Sisters 

You want these sisters to be your sisters. They would actually fit in really well at Merion.

That Would Be Enough


Wait for it

A love song with the best lyric ever written, “Love doesn’t discriminate, between the sinners and the saints it take and it takes and it takes.” Wait for it is adorable and powerful, catering to both the obsessive and patient part of love.

Song that will make you cry

Stay Alive (reprise)

You will cry and cry and cry. Stay Alive (Reprise) carries some of the most raw emotions in the entire album.

It’s Quite Uptown

This is a song about the death of a child that will turn you into a gooey mess of tears and emotions in under five minutes. Do not listen to this song in public or if you want to feel carefree. It is so sad, but so moving.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

The final song in the musical that ends unexpectedly with Alexander Hamilton’s wife, Eliza, explains how important we all are and how much of an impact each person makes. This song is like a hug from all of your best friends.

A Love story that went down the rain

Say No To This

The Reynolds Pamphlet


These three songs are about the first political scandal in America. Listen to them in when you have 15 minutes to sit and fully appreciate the musical genius that is Hamilton.

This taxonomy includes only a few of the songs in the Hamilton soundtrack, I implore you to give the others a listen because they can only change you for the better.

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