SHARE Food Drive

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Mr. Bailie asks all students at Merion to join him for monthly service opportunities at various service sites. One of these sites, SHARE Food Program, exposes students to the growing poverty rate in North Philadelphia. SHARE encourages healthy living by providing affordable, wholesome food to those less fortunate in the Philadelphia area. Students can volunteer by packaging foods like vegetables and meats, and storing them for consumption. Last month, I visited SHARE with some of my friends and volunteered in the greenhouse. We spent the majority of the day planting vegetables in the garden and preparing the greenhouse for the new growing season. Through our services, we grew closer and were able to all bond over sharing the same purpose: to dedicate a small frame of time in our day to helping those less fortunate. Miranda Dellavecchio ’18 reflected on her experience with SHARE when she said, “The thing I loved most about the visit to SHARE was the fact that all of us became closer and made deeper friendships that we normally wouldn’t make in school.”

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