My Place Germantown

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Ms. Patricia Sack, English Department Chair and Teacher at Merion Mercy Academy, set aside time for her and I to discuss the service she facilitates at My Place Germantown. I requested writing this piece to serve as an opportunity to share the great effects our service efforts have on such precious lives.

“About four years ago, I got to talking with a fellow Saint Vincent parishioner, Mary Ellen Graham, about a potential service opportunity. At the time, Mary Ellen was the director of My Place Germantown, and warmed to the idea of myself and some of the girls volunteering our time there during the Christmas season. We arranged for a group of us to donate a twelve foot Christmas tree to the house’s common room. Every year we adorn the tree, and further garner the house’s interior, including the main staircase and each of the twelve residents’ doors. All residents were formerly homeless, and are either mentally or physically challenged in some capacity. Amos, the house’s handyman and fellow resident, especially delights in our holiday decorating, and enjoys capturing photos of us as we work. My Place Germantown’s director collaborates with Merion’s efforts by providing us with the Christmas wish lists of the residents. We work diligently to fulfill the needs of of each man, and treat them with the utmost dignity they deserve. This past Christmas was a major success. The director excitedly emailed us, thanking us for all of our compassionate efforts, and told us how wonderful all of the residents’ Christmas was thanks to the role we played. I hope to expand the service opportunities available to our students at My Place Germantown, for our contributions are greatly appreciated.”

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