Joy Movie Review

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For the third time, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro teamed up with David O. Russell to bring the story of Joy Mangano to the big screen. Living in Boston, Joy, played by Jennifer Lawrence, has a difficult home life that she cannot escape. With her ex-husband and father living in her basement, her mother living on the first floor, and herself and her two children living on the second floor, Joy tries to make it day by day as the head of her household. From the time she was a little girl, she had an interest in using her hands to invent things. When she was younger, she built a paper kingdom with paper people to play with, and in high school, a protective dog collar. One day when Joy and her family take a boat ride on her father’s girlfriend’s boat, Joy breaks a glass of wine, shattering pieces everywhere. To clean it up, she uses a hand-wringing mop. While mopping the floor, she cuts her hands on pieces of glass, wringing out the mop. This moment sparked an idea in head.

The next day, Joy and her daughter, Christi, use crayons and paper to make sketches of the self-wringing mop Joy tries to create. After she develops a patent and has the physical product in her hands, she meets with different businesses to try to sell her “Miracle Mop” to them. Facing rejection from many businesses, Joy’s ex-husband gets her an interview with Neil Walker, played by Bradley Cooper, for QVC. Without spoiling anything, the rest of road for Joy is not an easy ride. To find out what happens at the end, curious movie viewers must watch the movie. Morgan Dougherty ’16 says, “Joy is an inspirational movie for women and entrepreneurs everywhere.”

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