Study Skills!


Sophia Harris, Staff Writer

As we move through our future years of high school, some students might notice that their studying skills are not helping their grades. All students are different. They all have different ways to learn and memorize information. If you have been noticing that your study skills are not as effective as you want them to be, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Review material that you are having trouble with every night for at least fifteen minutes. Repetition is key! It will help you memorize everything you need to know.
  2. Outline the chapter after you are done reading it. Although this may take a long time, it is one of the most important and effective things you can do. After you outline the chapter, you will know all the main points and important details that may be on the test.
  3. Before the test, always have somebody test you on the material that you learned. This technique will insure you know everything and prepare you to go into test mode.
  4. Make sure you do not put off studying until the night before the test, if you do then you will feel stressed and nervous for the next day.

All in all, if you follow these study skills, and review and outline the chapter every night until the test, you will almost instantly notice improvement in your grades. Good luck during the rest of the school year!