Merion Mercy Tennis 2016


Nina Dzidic, Staff Writer

Game. Set. Match! Merion’s Tennis Team finished the season with an admirable record of 10-5, despite various obstacles throughout the season.
This year, the tennis team’s dynamic changed, as many members of the team had graduated last year. Nevertheless, plenty of smiling faces came to try out during preseason. Sophomore Christina Croff, a new member of the team, recalls, “I think Merion tennis is a community that rallies around both good and bad moments. Not only did I meet new friends, but I became a part of a team rooted in mercy and having fun.” The ensuing weeks were filled with long practices and matches, which became especially challenging in the heat. Maddie Urbano, a sophomore, says, “It was brutally hot, but we all pulled through in attempt to prepare ourselves for the matches. When we started having matches, we were constantly supporting our team mates, even through three hour matches. Win or lose, playing a match in the heat while hearing your teammates cheer for you is an incredibly rewarding experience.”
The season continued even through the heat, and each team member put their best foot forward, especially the seniors. Since it was their last year, the seniors motivated and led each other, becoming role models for  the team. Seniors Lada Dzidic, Ali Harvey, Kristen Matz, and Brittany Ott were all on varsity, and they were essential in the districts matches. In the AAA Singles Tournament for the Catholic Academy league, Lada Dzidic placed second. At the end of the season, the seniors expressed their gratitude for everything they learned and the opportunities the team provided. Lada expressed her appreciation, saying, “Merion Mercy’s tennis team has not only shaped my game these past four years, but it will continue to shape how I play tennis for years to come.”
Quintessentially, Merion Tennis made comebacks throughout the season and proved that, with their hard work, the sky’s the limit.