Once Upon a Mattress

Maeve Eells, Editor-in-Chief

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This year Merion Mercy’s spring musical is “Once Upon a Mattress” opening February 24th! This show takes a fun, comical twist on the Princess in the Pea.

The story focuses on a kingdom desperate for their prince, Dauntless the Drab (played by Alex Brown) to get married because the Queen (played by Ale DiBenedetto), has made a marriage law, so that no one can marry until her son does. It is looking rather hopeless for Dauntless, the Queen has tested 12 princesses, and no one can pass her impossible tests. The kingdom is hopeless until a woman by the name of Lady Larkin (played by Maddie Larkin) finds out she is pregnant with Sir Harry’s (played by Mike Conwell) baby. A pregnancy out of wedlock would cause Lady Larkin to be sent away without Sir Harry. Sir Harry makes it his mission to find a princess fit to pass the Queen’s test. Sir Harry travels and finds Princess Winnifred “Fred” (played by Gianna Penezic), a rather unlikely princess. Will she pass the test? You will have to come to find out! Tickets are on sale at merion-mercy.com and performances are February 24th, 25th, and 26th and March 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

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