Refugees in Canada

Gen Wittrock, Editor

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Since the jump start of the infamous Islamic terrorist group ISIS in 2003, nearly 13.5 million Syrian refugees have fled the war-torn country in search of basic humanitarian aid and shelter. Countries like Germany have opened their borders in support of providing necessary aid to the refugees and more recently, a new world power has decided to do the same.

In January, nearly 2,500 refugees crossed the United States border into Canada seeking asylum, afraid that with the new administration in office, there will become a wave of deportation of recent immigrants and refugees. Many refugees who have entered Canada recently have been taking temporary asylum in community shelters held in facilities like the YMCA, which have joined in partnership in providing homes for refugees.

There is some monitored border control in Canada that deports immigrants that have had a history on their criminal record; however, many of the immigrant families are encouraged to stay in Canada until their refugee applications are finalized.  The immigrants are granted a medicare card, education for their children, and a temporary work permit. There is some opposition among Canadians who have been rather apprehensive at the thought of thousands of refugees entering their country and what it means for the country’s overall well-being. Although, at this point, refugees are welcomed into the nation’s borders.

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