A New Chapter Begins for the Seniors

Nina Dzidic, Staff Writer

As senior year starts to wind down, many seniors are faced with the question: What is the next step? While some students are still uncertain as to where they will be going or what they will be studying, they can all agree on one thing: the next few years will be filled with new and exciting experiences. Senior Therese Mills, who will be studying applied math at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says “I am very excited for college– especially implementing all the things I learned at Merion in college and sharing the mercy spirit.” This experience, while exciting for most students, is bittersweet for others, as it marks the end of an era. Senior Sarah Castor says, “I’ll miss my family dearly, and it will be difficult because I’ll be leaving people with whom I’ve formed very close relationships.”

Many seniors are still deciding which college will provide the best experience for them, and so visiting is one crucial component for determining this. In addition to visiting colleges, many seniors have prepared for the years ahead by getting in touch with students at their prospective colleges, or even talking to other students who were accepted. Senior Lada Dzidic says “It’s a good idea to join Facebook groups for colleges you are accepted to. This way, you can meet your future classmates or learn even more about the school.” Meanwhile, it is crucial to remember important deadlines for scholarship applications and when each college requires a decision. The most important thing of all, though, is for seniors to relish in the moment, appreciate their family and friends, and be proud of themselves for all that they have accomplished.

Best of luck to all of our seniors!