Mathlete’s Big Win!


Nina Dzidic, Staff Writer

Congratulation to the Mathletes for ending the season with a bang! The team of talented seniors and juniors worked together to finish third in the district. The team is united by their dedication and enthusiasm for the study of math.

Therese Mills, leader of Varsity Mathletes, said “I’m very proud of my teammates for uniting and working so hard to earn third place in the districts. This year especially was different since it was Mr. Fitz’s first time leading by himself, but he was gladly helped all of the team members. I’ve learned so much this year on Mathletes and I’m so excited to utilize these skills when I study applied math at MIT.” Sarah Castor, another member on the Mathletes, said “It’s a challenging club, but in a good way, because it’s filled with healthy competition that. The feeling of completing a math problem correctly and helping my team is almost euphoric. It’s one of my favorite clubs, not just because I love math, but because I’ve met other like-minded people through the competitions.”

Good luck to all the Mathletes in their upcoming seasons and congratulations on their incredible past season!