Crew Season Begins!


Nina Dzidic, Staff Writer

The crew season is off to an exciting start, especially with part of the crew team traveling to Oxford, England to compete in the Schools Head Regatta. For the rest of the crew team, weekly races on Sundays begin this weekend. Sophomore Katie Ernst says “The spring season is a lot of fun, and because of winter workouts, the team is prepared.” Through the help of test pieces, winter workouts, and Coach Brown’s dedication to the team, the crew team strengthened as a whole to compete as best as they can for the upcoming races. This training has given the team not just an opportunity to prepare physically for the races, it has also given them the chance to bond, which will be crucial during the challenges of the spring season. Sophomore Cece Wendel finds this to be very true, as she says “I’ve never been on a team that feels more like a team.” Other rowers are excited for the the challenges and new experiences the season will bring. Sophomore Erin Welch says “Crew has given me a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.” Good luck to all the rowers competing in this weekend’s race!