Mrs. Lesutis

Maddie Urbano and Katrina Carpizo, Staff Writers

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To the Merion community, Mrs. Lesutis faultlessly represents the Mercy Core Values of compassion and service. Her humility and understanding for her students’ needs proves that she is an empowering role model for young women. However, according to her Facebook page, “despite living an active, healthful life and never smoking a day in her life, [Mrs. Lesutis} was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis almost ten years ago.” Consequently, Mrs. Lesutis was hospitalized at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital for the past two months because of this diagnosis. Luckily, after weeks of patiently waiting, on January 12th, a lung transplant was made available for Mrs. Lesutis. Thankfully, the surgery was successful! During this time, Ms. Chard, the substitute teacher, has stepped in to teach Mrs. Lesutis’ Biology, Chemistry, and SMART classes. With an eager passion for science, Ms. Chard is handling the quick transition very smoothly. MMA misses Mrs. Lesutis very much. She holds a special place in each of our hearts. Our thoughts and support, especially, are with Mrs. Lesutis as we patiently pray for a speedy recovery. Check out the facebook page, “Prayers, love and support for Mrs. Lori Lesutis,” where you be updated on her recovery process.

Additionally, please consider donating to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation at

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