Merion Rocks Exploravsion

Annamarie Palermo, Staff Writer

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Congratulations to the Freshman Bio A team, creators of the “Spigot Smart Charge”, for recovering honorable mention on their invention from Exploravison. Many inventions, ideas, and breakthroughs were sent in this year and one of our own Merion teams was chosen out of hundreds. The “Spigot Smart Charge” may one day change how we use electricity and here is why:

    “Our invention, called Spigot Smart Charge, is a device that converts and stores energy from running water from household faucets into a portable battery pack. Current hydropower facilities only work with large water volumes, but Spigot Smart Charge brings the idea of hydroelectricity to the average home or school. The device looks like a water filter that attaches to household faucets, but the interior is very different from a filter. The device has openings at the top  so that the water can easily flow through the invention. The water flows through four mini turbines which spin, changing kinetic energy into mechanical energy. This energy is carried through waterproof wires from the turbines to a transformer in a battery pack, which is removable from the rest of the device and has spaces for any electrical cord or charger. Spigot Smart Charge can be attached to any household faucet, hose, or shower-head.” (Abstract, Grace Brazunas, Katie Donnelly, Ceara Grady, Olivia Black)