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My Sophomore Field Trip Experience by Katrina Carpizo

Katrina Carpizo, Staff Writer

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In the interfaith-ecumenical field trip, I learned about the different ways that people worship God through places like the Radha Krishna Temple and the Leverington Presbyterian Church. For instance, in the Radha Krishna Temple, I was greeted with the humbling scent of incense and an amicable woman with two children. I took most from the experience the woman’s explanation about the connection between meditation and Bhakti yoga. Although I myself do not practice yoga, it was interesting how she regarded it in a ritual aspect—she described it as being a way to de-stress and break free from the routines of everyday life—in the same way Christians use prayer to focus on God. In the Leverington Presbyterian Church, Mr. McClennen gave us a brief history lesson on the formation of the Protestant denominations. Similar to the material I learned in Church History last semester, he also included King Henry viii, Martin Luther, and Calvinism in his presentation. I liked how he highlighted the commonalities between Catholics and Protestants, as it was not something I have thought much about. The pastor, especially, emphasized the unity that all the denominations of Christianity (40,000!) share through the Apostles’ Creed. I felt that it was very compelling when he walked us through each line of the creed, showing us that we have more in common than we think we do. Overall, through my experiences, I have become more aware of the practices of different denominations and religions that I would not have known prior to the field trip.

The most memorable part of the field trip for me was our visit to the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church. Firstly, I must say that the enormous size of the worship center mirrors the overwhelming hospitality offered by the staff members to me and my classmates. The atmosphere of the church, in general, was so friendly and the food was great! When our host led us to the sanctuary, I was surprised to see the layout of the church as it looked like a concert hall. Additionally, I was surprised when the host said that they only administered communion once a month. He also said that ordinance of Baptism occurred when the child felt ready to be initiated in the baptismal pool that lay in the very center of church. To me, it seemed that attending mass at Enon would be an entirely different experience than a service at my own parish. My experience in learning more about the Baptist Church instilled in me a sense of empathy which made me want to attend a worship service at Enon Tabernacle in the near future.

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My Sophomore Field Trip Experience by Katrina Carpizo