Spotlight: Rylie Eisenhardt, Stage Crew

Sophia Harris, Staff Writer

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For this article, I interviewed Rylie Eisenhardt about her four years involved in stage crew and what her experience was like.

Sophia Harris: “How long have you been doing stage crew?”

Rylie: “I have been doing stage crew since fall of freshman year.”


Sophia: “What inspired you to become the leader of stage crew?”

Rylie: “I just really enjoyed what I did and figured if I love it and if I was going to commit to it full time, I should try to become stage manager.”


Sophia: “Why did you chose run crew?”

Rylie: “I chose run crew because I really loved the people I was working with because they were all on run crew which inspired me.”


Sophia: “Out of all of the plays you have been involved in, which one was your favorite?”

Rylie: “My favorite play was Mary Poppins because it is probably the best play I have done in terms of quality, our production, and the play itself. There were so many exciting things going on during that time.”


Sophia: “What did you think of the outcome of this play?”

Rylie: “I think everything ran smoothly backstage and onstage. I think MMMT put on a great show and we had the turn out we were expecting.”
Sophia: “What was it like doing the last play at MMA?”
Rylie: “It was very bittersweet. I loved the crew and cast that I worked with and the job I was in charge of.”

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