Sister Kathleen Sabatino

Annamarie Palermo, Staff Writer

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Sister Kathleen is a new member of the Merion faculty, joining the guidance department. After an interview with her, Ricordia found many interesting and exciting facts about Sister such as: how she heard about Merion’s opening, the reason she became a student guidance counselor, what she wants to learn in her time her at Merion, and how she is liking the Merion community in her time here already! The Merion community is very excited to have her joining our family and can’t wait to find out more about Sister Kathleen. Here a few things that Sister Kathleen told us about herself.

Sister Kathleen had originally been a teacher and loved helping students in the classroom and outside. Throughout her time teaching, she began to find lines of students outside her door after  school looking for her advice and guidance. Sister decided that she wanted to help students as much as she possibly could, so he went back to graduate school to become a guidance counselor!

She was first a counselor in a school in Philadelphia, then went to work at the Chester County Clinical Mental Health center where she continued to work with children as well as their parents, occasionally. While there, she heard from a colleague, who was a Merion graduate, that a position was open to join our community. Having previous knowledge of the Merion sisterhood, Sister Kathleen was excited for the opportunity and had Merion at the top of her list of where she wished to work! Sister was thrilled when she found out that she would get to work in the Merion community, meet many new students and coworkers, and help students with issues that they face as high school students.                       

Already, Sister Kathleen loves being a counselor at Merion. She enjoys that all the counselors, college and personal, work together in order to help their students in the best, most efficient ways possible. She is excited about the fact that she gets to build a relationship with her students and will get to know them throughout their four years at Merion. Sister also feels very welcome at the school; she says, “Students seem to be very open with working with me.” Sister  states that she has already learned so much about Merion but wants to learn more about Weenie Roast and Harvest Moon to see what all the buzz is about! Furthermore, Sister would like to learn about what our sisterhood looks like and how it is lived on a daily basis.

Even though Sister Kathleen has only been meeting with students for a few weeks she already feels as though she is beginning to understand the Merion sisterhood, even if only just a little as of now. By the end of the school year, Sister will no longer seem like a new member to the community but an old friend who is always willing to listen and help as much as possible.


FunFact: Sister’s favorite food is authentic Tacos because she loves experiencing different cultures through history, music, cuisine, and, if possible, traveling.