Merion Tennis – MENNIS!


Nina Dzidic, Staff Writer and Editor

Game. Set. Match! This year, Merion Tennis placed third in the Catholic Academy League!  Merion’s tennis team finished the season with a similar record as last year–10 wins and 5 losses–despite many graduating seniors and a change in coaching.

The line-up changed drastically, as four of the members on varsity graduated. Nevertheless, the team persevered with Chloe Abramowitz at first singles, Nina Dzidic at second singles, Emma Davis at third singles, Maddie Urbano and Sumin Walker at first doubles, and Zoe Brennan and Madison Wang at second doubles. Perhaps the biggest change this year was the addition of Rodney Stewart as the assistant coach. When asked about his experience as a high school tennis coach, Coach Rodney said “I could not have expected such a meaningful experience when I signed-up to help coach this team. My expectation was to be working with a typical high school group of tennis players – instead, I found myself involved with an exceptional group of young ladies.” Coach Rodney grew up in New Zealand playing tennis and then moved to the United States to coach. His many wise words and insight allowed the team to gain a new perspective on the game of tennis. He says that “[The team has] heard a few philosophical thoughts from me this season and this one will be a familiar theme to them; ‘In competition, no person is defeated. Both players benefit by their efforts to overcome the obstacles presented by the other.’ Tennis is a game that encompasses many of life’s challenges; dealing with victory and defeat, overcoming challenges and setbacks, living in the present, and growing from those experiences.”

As can be seen, under Coach Rodney and Coach Smith’s unparalleled leadership, the team was able to advance through their season with ease. On October 12, Chloe Abramowitz, Maddie Urbano, Emma Davis, and Nina Dzidic competed in a match that qualified them for districts. Through their hard work and dedication, the girls were able to advance to districts. Coach Rodney says “I have complete confidence that this team of individuals will achieve great things in tennis and in life.”

“I have no doubt that these girls will “live mercy and seek justice” both on and off the court as they grown into adults – and society in general will benefit from their contribution,” says Stewart. Many thanks to Coach Smith and Coach Rodney for their dedication and leadership that allowed this team to persevere. Congratulations to the merion tennis girls on their excellent display of sportsmanship, teamwork, and mercy. Good luck to the girls representing MMA in the districts doubles tournament!