As It Is Heaven Review


Hannah Facenda , Staff Writer

This year, Merion Mercy’s fall drama was As It is in Heaven by Arlene Hutton. This beautiful play told the story of a Shaker community of sisters that hospitably welcome a new Shaker named Fanny into their society. Fanny begins to see Angels of God in the meadow, which causes controversy among the other Shaker sisters. Elder Hannah questions Fanny and her visions, but is jealous that she has not been graced with the chance to see these visions herself, being the most faithful out of the Shakers.

As It is in Heaven played for two nights (November 3rd and 4th) and for an afternoon matinee (November 5th). Each show was performed beautifully by our twelve Merion girls Grace Brazunas, Jessica Lehman, Ciara Phillips-Darby, Emma Carter, Ryan Morrow, Emma McGrath, Samantha Peacock, Maddie Litka, Isabelle Grady, Sarah Fritz, Meggie Siedell, and Christina Schwab. The girls performed outstanding a cappella numbers such as Down to the River to Pray that gave the audience chills. The enthusiasm and engagement by each of Merion’s actors made the story come to life. The hard work each of the cast and crew members administered really paid off, for the show turned out beautifully.

Freshman Emma McGrath who played the role of Izzy said, “Being a part of MMMT was an experience like no other. Over the course of just a few months I became so close with the other cast members and learned and grew so much both as a performer and as a person.”

Thank you to all who participated in Merion’s fall drama. We can’t wait to see what our talented girls will do next year!