Spotlight: Maddy Larkin

Mairead O'Hara, Writer


Spotlight: Maddy Larkin


Recently, the Saint Joseph’s Prep put on a production of Newsies. MMA’s very own Maddy Larkin starred in Newsies as a Bowery Beauty and Mr. Pulitzer’s secretary, Hannah. I had the pleasure of interviewing Maddy about the experience.

To begin, I asked Maddy about the audition process. She said that everyone had to prepare a monologue and a 30 second cut of a song from the musical. She and eleven other girls were called back for second auditions. With only a few girl parts, Maddy’s talent shone through and she was picked to play Hannah and a Bowery Beauty.

I then asked Maddy what she loved most about her roles. She said she loved how different they were and the downtime during the show. With such a hectic schedule, Maddy felt lucky to have time to do her homework during rehearsals and performances. Maddy also said her favorite part of the rehearsals was watching all the dance numbers, as there were a lot more dance rehearsals than music. She also loved working on the Pulitzer scene because it was very fun to work on acting, instead of her usual singing.

Maddy said the one word she would use to describe Newsies is “energetic!” Maddy’s advice for people looking to pursue theater at MMA and beyond said “have confidence, stay calm, come prepared, and don’t compare yourself to others!” We all can’t wait to see Maddy shine as Judy in MMA’s spring musical 9 to 5.