Mission Week 2018

Cate Aaron, Staff Writer

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As a Mercy school, Merion students work to help support specific causes sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, such as education. In past years, Student Council has held fundraisers to help build schools in Sudan and Zambia and homes for students in Nigeria. This year, Mission Week, March 11 to March 16, 2018, raised money to rebuild a school in Sugu, Nigeria. This particular school was destroyed by the Boko Haram, and the only other school in the village does not admit Christian students. The school that will be rebuilt will be open to students of all faiths and will also serve as a community center, functioning as a space for adult education classes and community relations. To celebrate Mission Week, there will be numerous events throughout the week, culminating in a mini dance marathon, Stand for Sugu, on Friday.

To begin Mission Week, there will be a “Golden Bear” dress down day, in which students donate at least $1 and may dress in blue, gold, and Merion spirit wear. Beginning on Monday, coin jars will be placed in the Lyceum. Place pennies in your grade’s jar, and put paper bill and silver coins in the other grades’ jars to offset the number of pennies they have. Whichever grade has the most pennies in their jars at the end of the week wins! On Wednesday, Student Council will be holding a bake sale during lunches to benefit the fundraiser. Stop by for some tasty treats! Additionally, registration will be open for the cornhole tournament taking place on Thursday during all lunch codes. Registration is $2 per team. On Thursday, come to the Lyceum and compete in the cornhole tournament. Winners will be announced on Good Morning Merion and will also receive tickets to enter a raffle for the custom cornhole set. On Friday, students are welcomed to wear their Stand for Sugu t-shirt with casual wear to school. Mission Week will culminate with Stand for Sugu, taking place in the gym from 6 pm to 10 pm. Stand for Sugu tickets are $25 and include a t-shirt, and will be available to purchase throughout the week. The dance is open to boys from area schools with student IDs.