Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hair-Cutting Event


Miranda Della Vecchio

On May 6th, 2018, fourteen merion girls and six generous guests gathered at New Appearances Salon in Drexel Hill, PA, for the Merion Mercy’s CSC Pantene Beautiful Lengths hair-cutting event. Professional hair stylists from the salon cut 8-12 inches of hair off each girl’s ponytails. Each ponytail was donated to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths foundation in order to make wigs for those struggling with cancer and who have lost her hair.  Each ponytail was put in a ziplock bag, put together in a large box, and mailed to Pantene Beautiful Lengths to be made into wigs. Every contribution was appreciated, especially because it takes 8 ponytails to make a wig.

The participants of the event were Miranda Della Vecchio ‘18, Bella Santori ‘19, Kaitlyn Powel ‘21, Grace Torna ‘19, Tess Szathmary ‘21, Caitlin Mattera, Kelly King ‘18, Caroline Conway ‘20, Maggie Roccato ‘18, Jessica Lehman ‘18, Katherine Mccormick ‘21, Maisie Grogan ‘20, Grace Binck ‘19, and Diamond Figueroa ‘19. As women of mercy, it is our responsibility to better the lives of those poor, vulnerable, sick and saddened. This event was great opportunity for Merion Mercy to grow stronger together in our sisterhood and help make a difference for women in need.