Senior Year Tips

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Senior Year Tips

Katrina Carpizo, Editor-in-Chief

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Amidst AP classes, college applications, after-school jobs, and other extracurricular activities, it is safe to say that Senior year is, indeed, busy. As a Senior myself, I have often considered joining the influenza wagon that is Senioritis. However, up until a few weeks ago, I had to stop and ask myself: What is Senioritis, exactly? Well, according to Urban Dictionary, Senioritis, Senior slide, or whatever my fellow peers may call it is “a crippling disease that strikes high school Seniors” which “features a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude.” After reading this definition, I was both intrigued and horrified by its accuracy. So, as someone who wants to make the most out of her Senior year, I decided to make a Katrina’s Declassified School Survival Guide™ to surviving Senior year and avoiding Senior slide. Underclassmen, this is especially for you!


The Summer Before Senior Year

While summer usually entails endless beach days and cozy nights, the summer before Senior year may also mean buffing up your resumé and preparing yourself for college applications. Fun, I know right? But, it’s well worth it! Having a head start with college essays and supplementals will help you immensely during the first semester of Senior year. Whether it be through getting a job, volunteering in your community, or traveling abroad, the summer before your senior year should be both fun and productive.


Standardized Testing

Disclaimer: I will be talking mostly about the SAT, since I am speaking from personal experience!

My best advice to studying for the SAT or ACT is to start early. Take this from someone who has been guilty of completing her final SAT test in October of her senior year. If you want to avoid any unnecessary stress, I would advise you to take the SAT during your junior year or the summer before Senior year. Remember: a student can take standardized tests as many times as she wants. That being said, I can attest to the fact that most students take the SAT three times. I admit, in the beginning, I was confused on how to approach studying for the SAT, especially because I relied wholly on self-studying. Luckily, the internet has helped prepared me for testing day. Believe it or not, I always recommend the SAT or ACT forum on Reddit to other people. This forum on Reddit allows high school students to interact, help, and uplift each other during this strenuous process. Some other websites I would recommend are UWorld and KhanAcademy. Additionally, I recommend buying print resources such as the Official SAT Study Guide, College Panda’s SAT Math and Essay Workbook, and Erica Meltzer’s SAT Reading Workbook. Trust me, if you set a schedule and discipline yourself while studying for these tests, you will already be one step closer toward your desired score. Just keep at it!


First Semester Senior Year

For some, including me, the first semester of their Senior year may be the most hectic time ever experienced during their high school career. I could best compare my first semester of Senior year with juggling: with the right amount of balance, it is possible to juggle many priorities at once in a short amount of time, however it is very easy to mishandle, or drop an object, in the process. This is why  the most important thing to do during Senior year is to be organized and take care of your mental health. From personal experience, I know that neglecting these factors can lead to a recipe for disaster: Senioritis. Therefore, I recommend practicing self-care habits such as meditation, exercise, and positive thinking in order to keep your sanity during senior year. With that being said, to all my underclassmen, good luck, stay organized, and have faith in process––if I can do it, you can do it!