Prep’s Fall Show Review

Murder at Ramsbottom Manor

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Prep’s Fall Show Review

Bella Privitera & Morgan Kane, Staff Writers

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Murder? Oh my! St. Joseph’s Preparatory School showcased this hilariously well-done comedy and boy— was it a hit! Every second in the theater was filled with laughter. The Cape & Sword Drama Society truly outdid themselves with The Murder at Ramsbottom Manor.

In this show, a group of amateur actors try their very best to stage a 1940’s Agatha Christie inspired murder mystery. This turns into a disaster however, with everything going off course. This laugh-out-loud riot had the audience smiling from start to end.

Bella went to see the show on Saturday, November 10th and she could not stop laughing! She knew it would be funny, but wasn’t expecting all the surprises along the way. From fire, to gunshots, to set pieces falling apart, the show was chaotic… in the best way possible!

While seeing the show, Morgan got the opportunity to interview sophomore Nile Andah about Murder at Ransbottom Manor. He played accountant #2 alongside junior Jack D’angelo. Throughout the 3 month rehearsal process, Nile’s favorite part was bonding with his castmates. With excitement he said, “We all became a family and they made the rehearsal process some of the best days being in Cape and Sword.” Nile plans to continue participating in Cape & Sword and is proud to bring laughter and joy to his Prep community. Bravo Nile!

The Murder at Ramsbottom Manor took their bow on Sunday, November 18th; however, Cape and Sword is far from done. Prepare yourself! Saint Joe’s Prep will perform Monty Python’s Spamalot this spring. This show follows Prep’s annual Night of Scenes in the late winter! Stay tuned for more information on both shows


Morgan with actor, Nile Andah, after the show.