Spanish Club


Sophia Harris, Staff Writer

     Spanish Club has been a part of the MMA culture for a very long time. The student leaders of the club are Christina Croff (president for room 140), Sophia Harris (vice president for 140), Nadia Pace (president for room 135), Ryleigh Lord (vice president for room 135), and Mairead O’Hara (secretary for room 135). The adult moderators are Señorita Rojas and Señora Smith. The club involves exploring the cultures of all the different Spanish speaking countries. The leaders work to teach the members about the language and bring the culture to life. A typical day of the club consists of a brief lesson on the topic of the day, a creative activity, music, and snacks. The Spanish Club does not limit members, we welcome all girls despite the language courses they take.

     During the months of October/November, the club focused on the traditions of the Day of the Dead. The leaders and moderators worked hard to bring these traditions to life. Señorita Rojas, Señorita Nolan, and Señorita Smith built an altar for the language hallway. Students were welcome to bring in photos of loved one’s to add to the altar. This is a tradition in many countries and it celebrated to represent the souls of a loved one who passed away. The Spanish Club also hosted a showing of the movie Coco which also explores the importance of the Day of the Dead.


“The Altar project and the Coco movie were two great events full of culture and traditions from Mexico, in which the importance of family relations is highlighted. In our Spanish club, moderators and leaders are always looking for ways in which we learn and live the culture of Spanish speaking countries. Knowing that culture and traditions are the spice that enrich our lives. And, understanding the traditions and the culture of different communities guide us towards understanding and peaceful relationships. We are happy these two events were successful and meaningful getting the students, teachers and stuff members of the MMA community involved. Demonstrating again that collaboration is a key for success.” -Señorita Rojas