Sarah Fritz Spotlight


Anna O'Brien, Staff Writer

Merion Mercy Academy’s production of Sister Act closed this March, but the show shines bright in each audience member’s memory. The actors, tech and stage crew members, and musicians each helped make the show one of Merion’s best shows ever. From the moment the curtain rose to the second it fell, no one could tear their eyes away from sophomore Sarah Fritz portraying the lead role of Deloris, an aspiring singer who finds herself locked in a convent teaching nuns how to sing because of a criminal boyfriend (you know, life). Clad in a glittery habit, Sarah Fritz sang, danced, and stole the show. I had the opportunity to sit down with her and gather her thoughts on the unforgettable production.

When did your love of theatre begin?

I went to see my first show on broadway when I was five. Ever since then, I knew it was what I wanted to do with my life. Theatre has been my thing, even at a young age. I was the one singing in class and really involved with my grade school’s music program.

When did you begin to participate in musical theatre?

My first show was in fifth grade. It was The Little Mermaid. I really wanted to get the role of Ursula. I didn’t get it. I was in the ensemble. This summer, however, I ended up playing Ursula at the Kimmel Center. It’s been cool to see how I’ve progressed from being a small part to becoming super involved with leading roles.

Do you have any theatrical role models?

Barbra Streisand. 100 percent! Ari’el Stachel from The Band’s Visit. I admire that he’s representing the Middle East on Broadway. I was lucky enough to have the chance to meet him! I’m thrilled that I get to do his work in combating the lack of middle eastern representation on Broadway.

Were your surprised when you found out you had received the role of Deloris?

I was kind of surprised, but not completely. I worked really hard for it. I believed in myself. This show was one of the first times I went into an audition feeling confident. Still, of course, when the cast list came out I was in awe of myself.

What was your favorite part about portraying the role of Deloris?

Oh that’s hard! There’s so many aspects of Sister Act that changed my outlook on theatre. One of the best parts was the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing upperclassmen who are now some of my best friends. Also, I was glad to have the opportunity to lead the cast. Theatre is what I love to do; being the lead was a huge responsibility, but one I wanted to undertake.

What was your favorite song to perform?

That’s really hard too! There were three big numbers, called “the big three”: “Raise Your Voice,” “Take me to Heaven (Reprise),” and “Sunday Morning Fever.” They’re all super high energy, but I have to say my all time favorite was “Spread the Love Around.” I had a grand entrance and every time I did it it meant so much to me because it felt like I was finally living my dream moment.

The show closed late this winter, which has given you plenty of time for reflection. What do you miss most?

I miss the entire experience. It was the best memory I’ve made at Merion by far! I miss being able to share my gift with the community, especially since I was doing it with such a talented group of people. I miss being on stage with everyone and doing what I loved with them! I would do anything, even chop off my arm, to go back and perform with my cast-mates again!

What advice would you give to aspiring performers, particularly those in the Merion community?

Don’t put yourself in a box and think that just because you’re an underclassmen means you don’t have a shot at earning the role you want, especially if it is the lead. It is difficult to be an underclassmen and have the lead, but you can achieve it. It’s not impossible. I did!

What are you looking forward to next year?

I want to see the progression of MMAs music and theatre program.

Dream role?

I have a list of 40, but right now it’s the Lead Player in Pippin. Fun Fact, Patina Miller played her, and she also originated Deloris on Broadway!