Indonesian Tsunami

Hannah Facenda, Staff Writer

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      On Friday, September 28, 2018, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami obliterated parts of Indonesia. According to Time Magazine, “at least 2,073 people have been confirmed dead and as many as 5,000 others are believed to be missing. More than 80,000 were displaced.” These numbers are expected to rise. Additionally, nearly 300 children are reported to have been separated from their guardians. UNICEF Indonesia is working with Indonesia’s Ministry of Social Affairs in response to the displacement of these children.

    Survivors of the tragedy are fighting to receive basic necessities. Roads are blocked, shops and stores are destroyed, and necessities are scarce. Many survivors have turned to stealing from abandoned buildings in hope of keeping themselves and their loved ones alive. More than 66,000 homes have been destroyed, leaving citizens homeless and destitute. The Indonesian military and international aid organizations are working to help survivors in need.

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