MMMT Testing, Testing


What’s the answer: A,B, or C? We’ve all taken tests before, so we all understand the struggles. This fall, Merion Mercy Academy will be performing Testing, Testing which opens on Friday, November 2nd and runs until Sunday, November 4th. I am currently involved with this show, and I can confidently say that this show is one you won’t want to miss!

During rehearsal, I interviewed my fellow cast members and got an inside look on playing their characters and performing in the drama. I also asked Mrs. Beth Criscuolo, the director, some questions about being involved in this production.

Christina Schwab ‘21 plays Mindy Dowd in Act 1 (High Stakes) of Testing, Testing. In this hilarious first act, Mindy is a smart student who walks into class one day to take a test, but for some reason cannot seem to focus on anything except the things around her.

Bella: “What do you love about playing Mindy?”

Christina: “I love getting to react to all the different things happening around me. The play is really crazy and it’s really fun getting to embody her character and to react to all the other characters.”

Bella: “What sort of person is going to love this show?”

Christina: “I think that everyone will love the show because it covers testing anxiety Which is something almost everyone has gone through and it’s funny and overall such a great play.”

Meggie Siedell ‘21 plays Mrs. Mock in Act 1 (High Stakes) of Testing, Testing.

Mrs. Mock is a strict teacher who favors Mindy above all the other students but cannot seem to understand why Mindy is having so much trouble focusing.

Bella: “Without giving anything away, what is your favorite line of dialogue in the show?

Meggie: “Grace’s banana monologue is the funniest thing in the whole show.”

Bella: “What sort of person is going to love this show?”

Meggie: “Every sort of person. Because everyone can relate to a character. Like Will, the creepy guy. Like Mrs. Mock, the strict teacher. Mindy, the test taker who stresses out. And you know, they’re going to pick out a character and laugh saying, ‘that was me in high school.’”

Grace Del Pizo ‘21 plays Lisa in Act 2 (Honor Bright) of Testing, Testing.

In this intense drama, Lisa is the best friend of the main character, who is desperate to get help on this test, even if it comes down to cheating.

Bella: “How is this character like you?”

Grace: “She’s debating risking it all to help her friend even though she could lose everything and that’s something I would do.”

Bella: “What sort of person is going to love this show?”

Grace: “A person who can appreciate the insane. And has a broad sense of humor.”

Lastly, Mrs. Criscuolo, the director of Testing, Testing was interviewed as well.

Bella: “What’s challenging about bringing the script to life?”

Mrs. Cris: “How there’s so many moving pieces like people, furniture, etc. I’m finding a million different way to create pictures and dissolve them and create more, while I’m trying to communicate the story.”

Bella: “What will surprise people about this show?”

Mrs. Cris: “How it’s both funny and outrageous and also touching and sweet.”


So ultimately the correct answer is: come see Testing, Testing at Merion Mercy Academy! You won’t want to miss it!