Moccer 2018


Elizabeth Norton, Staff Writer

     August, September, and October are my favorite months of the school year because of the family I am a part of at Merion Mercy Academy. Known to others as “Moccer,” or Merion soccer, we make many memories both on and off the field. From our sleepover and scavenger hunt to trying to make the playoffs, we spend a lot of time together during these few short months. Much to the amazement of outsiders, we sacrifice our Friday nights for games or practices and oftentimes do not get home until nine on school nights. If you ask anyone in this family, we would all agree that the commitment is worth it.

    Even now, as we fight bitterly to hold onto our 10th place spot in order to make the playoffs, we still manage to relax and have fun. This Friday, we plan to go to Creamy Acres, a haunted house, as a team after our game. Other fun activities we have done together include attending Union games, having scavenger hunts, getting ready for the Merion Mixer together, an ice cream party, and many pasta parties. This team is my family and I would not trade them for anything!