Miss Mercy, November: Jessica Paldino


Julia LaRosa, Staff Writer

“A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just”- Pope Francis

This year, the monthly title of “Miss Mercy” was introduced into the Merion community. Jessica Paldino, a junior here at MMA, was crowned Miss Mercy of November. I sat down with her to ask a few questions about mercy, Merion, and her goals to live by.

What are you involved in and/or passionate about here at MMA?

I am involved in many activities at MMA. I am on the soccer team and swim team at Merion. I also am apart of Ministry, Yearbook and History Club. I am very passionate with everything I do here at MMA because being involved teaches me to work with others and meet new people.

What does the word “mercy” mean to you?

To me, mercy has a huge meaning in my life. It means sisterhood, community, and the bond I have between my classmates and teachers. I do not take this term lightly. I learned to be merciful at Merion.   

What is one phrase/motto that you strive to live up to daily?

One motto that I strive to live up to daily is to treat others as you want to be treated. I hear this phase a lot and it makes me think about how I treat others around me.  

What would you like to say to your fellow sisters to encourage them to also spread mercy in our school community?

What I would like to say to my fellow sisters to encourage them to also spread mercy here at MMA is to be kind and understanding of others because you have no idea what the girl sitting right next to in class is going through. That one hello or smile in the hallways might make that girl’s day.  You only have one high school experience and you should make it the best days of your life by spreading mercy with all of you fellow sisters.