Midterm Elections


Hannah Facenda, Staff Writer

     The U.S. Midterm Elections took place on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Polling places were packed with eager voters, some of whom were first-time voters. According to NPR News, 47% of eligible voters cast a ballot on November 6. This is the highest voter-turnout rate since 1966.  The results of the elections flipped the House of Representatives to Democratic control instead of Republican. As of November 29th, the Democrats held 234 seats in Congress and the Republicans held 200. This is significant because many of the president’s propositions have to go through the House first before they are approved; with democrats in the House, they may be able to block some of the president’s orders.

      The Senate remains red. Republicans hold 53 seats in the Senate and the Democrats hold 47. Elections for Governorship also took place on November 6th. Currently 27 states have Republicans as governors, leaving the Democrats as governors of 23 states.

     The 2018 Midterms will leave its mark in history. Vox says, “The 2018 midterm elections were a significant victory for the Democratic Party. Retaking the House blocks the Republicans from passing new laws and gives Democrats the ability to conduct real investigations into President Donald Trump’s multifarious scandals.”