Tips for New Year’s


Jessica Link, Staff Writer

Happy 2019 to all! The dawning of a new year is a time for celebration and for making those infamous resolutions that are meant to ensure a better life and a better you in the next twelve months. However, it is common knowledge that keeping these promises is not always easy. Whether you swore to lay off sweets or to get to bed earlier, to perfect your skating or be kinder to family, you might struggle to start anew and shake off those bad habits. Not to worry, we’ve got a short list of helpful tips and tricks to start you off on the right path.

Number 1: Set reasonable goals. Having a goal or task in mind can help you focus on what really needs to be done. Keep it simple. Instead of saying, “I’ll clean out and organize my entire house,” begin with “I’ll spruce up and organize my room.” Make sure you know what you can and can not do so as not to overextend.

Number 2: Write them down. These aims can be easy to forget or shrug off, so grab a planner, a notebook, or even just a piece of paper and record your ideas and objectives. Put them in a place you will see every day, like on the fridge or the front door, so you won’t have any excuses. Hopefully this can help you keep them in mind throughout the year.

Number 3: Don’t give up! This may sound cheesy, but it truly is important if you really are intent on achieving your goals. Be strong, mentally and physically: shake off temptation or laziness. Even the smallest hopes or dreams may come with some hardship. Push through it, and you will probably like the new person who comes out.

What you do next is up to you. These resolutions may require will, loss, and determination, but whether they are achieved in the end? That is your choice. Who knows? With a little bit of New Year’s luck, maybe this will be the year your dreams finally come true.