Science Week 2019


Tess Szathmary, Staff Writer

From April 10th through the 14th MMA celebrated its annual science week. Throughout the week, there were different activities to educate and empower the young women of merion. The week started off strong with science themed music played in between classes. The music was supplied by our very own Dr. Durkin, and featured songs like Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. On Tuesday there were Earth facts at lunch tables. These facts helped to educate the school about climate change and how some of the things we use everyday contribute to the changing planet. Wednesday was the day many girls looked forward to all year: chicken and cow day! Two cows from Ms. Chards farm and chickens from Ms. Gals farm came to visit. Throughout the day, sciences classes could go and visit the cows and chickens, learn about them, and take pictures with them. To finish out the week, girls could decorate a t-shirt with a science image or pun and wear it for the day. This years science week was truly a hit and empowered the young women scientists at Merion.