A Book Review for Merion Readers: The Night Circus

The world of Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus instantly captivates the reader with its vivid descriptions, so lush as to come to life on the page. The novel’s central setting—the Night Circus—is a circus like no other: fantastic, mystical, and more than a little bit magical. It travels across the world with little fanfare, open solely from sunset to sunrise. It does not remain in the same place for too long, but never fails to leave awe and wonder in its wake. Morgenstern appeals directly to readers, allowing us to feel as if we walk the paths between black-and-white striped tents and witness the marvels of countless incredible feats.

As the novel progresses, the story ventures outside of the circus into Victorian London, where the eccentric wealthy feast at midnight and couples kiss in the rain. Multiple stories are interwoven throughout the novel, including that of two young magicians trapped in a contest with a terrible price. The impossible romance that develops is no dull cliche; the growth of their relationship is alluring and exciting. The cast of characters also includes an extraordinary performer with a mysterious past, fire-haired twins with an intriguing connection to the circus, and one ordinary boy who could change everything—if the cards are in his favor. 

If you enjoy fantasy, magical fiction, and elements of mystery, The Night Circus is right for you. Turn its pages for a phantasmagorical trip. At the end of your visit maybe you, too, will be left in awe, eager to return.

Rating 4.5/5 stars