Diligent Dressing

Every student knows the importance of selecting the best dress for school dances. Whether formal or semi-formal, these dresses must be appropriate, appealing, and complementary to one’s figure. While the upperclassmen might have perfected the art of school-dance-dressing, the younger students might be a step behind. No matter one’s grade, a refresher of some guidelines is always helpful. 

Rule #1: One should always make certain that they are dressing for the occasion. Semi-formals, formals, and mixers are all school dances; however, they have different attire requirements. For example, mixers usually have a theme and are used in order to meet people from other schools. As one of the more casual dances, one should wear something on theme that one can dance and move around in while wearing. Think: a fun tutu, glitter, stickers, t-shirt, and a comfortable pair of sneakers. On the other hand, formals require a longer, elegant dress. This is the type of dance to bring a date to, but it is also totally acceptable to go with friends! One should have their hair and makeup done for the most flattering pre-pics. Shoes should be heels if one is wearing a dress, but feel free to bring backup dancing shoes, like sneakers, if you feel so inclined. Semi-formals are more casual formals, meaning that one can wear a shorter dress, but it should still have the same class factor of the formal dress. 

Rule #2: Find the dress. 

The dress itself should make you feel comfortable and confident while wearing it. Remember: you wear the dress; the dress doesn’t wear you. One can ask what their friends are wearing and ask for feedback on their own dressing ideas. This author has found it extremely helpful to try on dresses and to take pictures in order to pick the dress that is most favorable. While selecting, please keep in mind what one would like to show in the dress, along with your dance activity level. While all of these tips are proven to be helpful, the most important rule has nothing to do with physical dress itself.

Rule #3: To quote Ms. Dolly Parton, “To thine own self be true”. Pick whatever dress is calling you and dance the night away at homecomings, proms, and formals!