The Freshman Experience

Starting at Merion certainly wasn’t easy. Many worries crossed my mind. I transferred to St. Francis De Sales School in January of seventh grade. After becoming adjusted to a new school and work ethic, I was to prepare for highschool. This made me nervous. I was worried about going to an all girl school and being away from my friends. But this is something I have always wanted for myself, a dream since fifth grade. Once I got here, I learned that Merion has a very welcoming student body. I failed to realize that everyone in my class is new. So far I have enjoyed my adjustment to freshman year. There hasn’t been a moment where I have caught myself not having fun. I have met the most extraordinary people from all walks of life. 

It is currently December, and I’ve been here a little over three months. I have discovered so many new things about myself. I’ve learned that I enjoy helping people; I have volunteered for Open Houses, tours, and to be a host for 7th and 8th grade visitors. I have joined BSU, Ricordia, and Mock Trial. All of these experiences have helped me meet new people and aided in my making friends. There is so much to learn and do here, I just keep reminding myself to soak it all in and enjoy my freshman year. 

When it comes to academics I have always been a very ambitious student. I received honors and had very high expectations set for myself. This year, I have learned that it is ok to relax and ask for help and have realized I cannot do everything, all the time, all at once. This has caused me to further evaluate my goals and set more realistic standards. I see my senior self as a strong, confident, and independent, young lady. I want to be proud of myself, but still have room for fun. Overall my first few months have been amazing.