Ring Mass 2023, Carrying on the Tradition


The junior class celebrated the unifying tradition of Ring Mass on Wednesday, March 29th. Beautiful music from our school’s wonderful liturgical choir, as well as a lovely reflection from Emily Oliver, made the event particularly special. Although slipping my new, shiny ring on my finger is a memory I will never forget, taking pictures commemorating the milestone with my peers definitely served as a reminder of the jewelry’s symbolic significance. My class is one in mercy and our rings act as beacons of this idea. I am so lucky to have experienced such an influential moment in my highschool career alongside friends whom I have grown with over the past three years. Hearing my sisters chatter in excitement before entering the stunning chapel spread an indescribable warmth throughout my body. To reiterate what Emily and Mrs. Grace shared, the circle of mercy is never ceasing and radiates the most contagious joy. I am proud to be a part of sisterhood that places faith and goodness at the foundation of our identity.