Junior Retreat and Ring Mass 2019


“For the circle of mercy is timeless…”


On March 12, the Junior class experienced an exciting day filled with laughs, tears, smiles, and of course, mercy!  The girls kicked off their monumental and emotional day at Malvern Retreat House.  The day was comprised of many fun activities, including MMA trivia, bracelet-making, and spiritual reflection.  Led by fellow Junior members of the Ministry Team, girls shared and bonded over personal experiences in small groups, reflecting on their time at MMA thus far, while peeking forward to the future in college and beyond.  The Juniors listened to several letters from alumnae, all of whom shared their own experiences and reflections.  Current Spanish teacher Ms. Nowlan, class of ‘07, shared her reflection with a slideshow of various pictures from memorable and significant milestones in her life.  Ms. Nowlan concluded by congratulating the girls on their special day.  Although the retreat at Malvern was spiritually uplifting, the day’s excitement and anticipation was just beginning and culminated several hours later in Merion’s chapel.

The day reached its peak in a beautifully orchestrated ceremony as the class of 2020 received their rings, a tangible symbol that will remind them of their time at Merion, as well as connect them with the many other women of mercy who came before them.  The Junior class beamed with excitement as they were called up one by one for Sister Christine to place the rings on their hands.   After poses and pictures, Victoria Rose Conroy shared a heartfelt reflection about the meaning and significance of the class rings.  As the girls sang the Alma Mater led by Junior members of the liturgical choir, the audience was clearly moved by the illustration of sisterhood and witnessed the continuous, never-ending circle of Mercy that the Merion Mercy Class ring represents.